Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dates: 09/24/2016 Dates: 09/24/2016 Times: 13:00 - 16:00 Location: Grace Lutheran Church, 4427 Overland Ave., Culver City, CA 90230


presents Rabbi Stephen Robbins with 5 NDE’s as our speaker on Saturday, September 24th, from 1 to 4 PM.
Rabbi Robins says the following about himself:
“In 1973 Rabbi Robbins became the Hillel director at the University of California at Berkeley. In 1978 the Robbins family left Berkeley to take up residence in Los Angeles when Rabbi Robbins was appointed to the position of Rabbi of Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills where he served for 16 years.  In 1993 Rabbi Robins and his wife Eva started a new synagogue called N’vay Shalom, an innovative approach to Judaism which is now known as Transdenominational Judaism. They still are the rabbi and the Cantor/Rabbi of that community. As you will hear from him, he was born in the line of a very prominent family of Jewish mystical rabbis and teachers of Kabbalah that can be traced back to the early 1300s.since 1993 Rabbi Robbins has taught Kabbalah, Jewish meditation, and message of healing body mind and spirit. He also has had a practice where he integrates three streams of knowledge. They are Kabbalah, Neuroscience, and mind-body medicine and healing. In 2000 he received his doctorate in psychology with a specialty in psychoneuroimmunology and studies in Trauma.
In the year 2000 Rabbi Robbins and a colleague named Rabbi Steven Leavy opened a new seminary to train Rabbi’s Cantors, and chaplains in the new spiritually oriented Academy for Jewish religion California. In the short period of 17 years the Academy has become fully accredited just like any major university. The faculty of this Academy is composed of orthodox, Conservative, reform, secular, cultural, and spiritual, clergy and scholars from allover the west. It is in this Academy that Rebbeca Robbins has first begun to teach about his near death experiences.”
Rabbi Robins describes his 5 NDE’s below:
“I was not born – I was removed from my mother dead. It was the doctor who breathed life into me. So began a life filled with pain and trauma: four other near-death experiences, multiple traumatic illnesses (including hepatitis), a lung disease that led to 3 collapses, a massive shingles episode that has added to my chronic excruciating pain for the past eleven years, and much more. And yet while I have lived constantly with immense pain, I have rarely suffered. Pain is a state of body, suffering is a state of mind. I only suffer when I lose my attachment to my soul. When I regain it, the suffering leaves and I’m left only with pain and the illnesses.”
We request a donation of $10 per person, but no one will be turned away.
Grace Lutheran Church
Directions: From the 10 Fwy, exit at the Overland offramp and go South to Culver City. From the 405 Fwy., exit at Culver Blvd and take Culver blvd. East to Overland Ave., where you turn South.

Grace Lutheran Church is at 4427 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA  90230, 4 blocks South of Culver Blvd. Turn West from Overland Ave. on Franklin Ave. and park on the street. The room is on Overland Ave. through the Sunday School entrance. Go down the stairs and Room 8, where we will meet, is at the East end of the hallway.

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