Saturday, January 27, 2018

Dates: 01/27/2018 Dates: 01/27/2018 Times: 13:00 - 16:00 Location: Grace Lutheran Church, 4427 Overland Ave., Culver City, CA 90230

     The Los Angeles International
Association for Near-Death Studies
is privileged to present Rabbi Stephen Robbins, multiple NDEr, Saturday, Jan. 27th, from 1 to 4 PM.  For this return appearance before the group, Rabbi Robbins says:

I am well acquainted with death having passed through and back that curtain five times in my life, in this world. I was not born, I was removed from my mother’s body dead. It was the doctor who breathed life into me and brought my soul back into this world after it had fled. I remember my soul’s descent into this body and each time it left and returned. The second time, in June of 1964, from 107 degree fever from Hepatitis. My body packed in ice, I left and returned several time. In 1985 I contracted catastrophic lung damage from influenza so that in 1987, 1991 and 2005, I had lung collapse. Each time, going and returning from this life to another and back again. Each of these experiences of this passage has taught me many lessons about purpose and meaning of each of our sacred lives in this world and their impact on our lives as we move on from here. The experience of the great tunnel has been for me a process of shedding the physical of this being and discovering and rediscovering the eternal quality of being free of the burdens and needs of this world. I have experienced the greatest depths of good and the greatest depths of evil and have learned to see their relationship to one another in the seeming contradictions and paradoxes of this world. But each time I have passed into the other realm of being, freed from the limitations of my body, that I am able to be blessed with the clear and total experience of the qualities of my life here and how they have impacted others and in the obverse the impact of others upon me. I have experienced that each soul, returning back to its source, is neither judged nor punished nor rewarded for its acts of either courage or cowardice in this world; it is instead that each soul is healed and redeemed from its passage through the impossibility of this existence with great tender and loving forgiveness while at the same time that healing must be accompanied by the clear truth about how we lived in this world. In my presentation I will focus on these issues of forgiveness, reconciliation, healing and redemption for each of us and all of us. I look forward to sharing my story with all of you and how it can inspire your own healing path.

His associates will be filming for a documentary on the Rabbi.  Those who don’t want to be filmed will sit in one section of the room.  Those that do want to be filmed will in the other section of the room.

We request a donation of $10 per person, but no one will be turned away.
Grace Lutheran Church
Directions: From the 10 Fwy, exit at the Overland offramp and go South to Culver City. From the 405 Fwy., exit at Culver Blvd and take Culver blvd. East to Overland Ave., where you turn South.
Grace Lutheran Church is at 4427 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA  90230, 4 blocks South of Culver Blvd. Turn West from Overland Ave. on Franklin Ave. and park on the street. The room is on Overland Ave. through the Sunday School entrance. Go down the stairs and Room 8, where we will meet, is at the East end of the hallway.If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Denis Purcell at

Love and Light,