LA IANDS — the Los Angeles International Association for Near-Death Studies — is a non-profit corporation acting in conjunction with IANDS — the International Association for Near-Death Studies.  LA IANDS provides a support/discussion group for near-death experiencers (NDErs), out-of-body experiencers (OBErs), spiritually transformative experiencers (STErs), and all members of the public interested in these kinds of experiences.

Whereas IANDS supports research into near-death experiences, disseminates research findings to the public, and sponsors support/discussion groups; LA IANDS is a support/discussion group.  The primary focus of LA IANDS is in providing a safe place to help people in the LA area integrate these life-changing experiences into the rest of their lives.  We focus on sharing with, caring for, and generally supporting one another.  We often have featured speakers who share their experiences with the group.

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LA IANDS is a member of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, Inc.. IANDS groups can be found in communities around the world, meeting to talk about and share near-death experiences, questions about death and dying, and the latest information from NDE research. For more information, click here.